Are you looking for help to learn how to GET AND STAY healthier?


The secret is to adopt a new and permanent healthy lifestyle. But how do you stay on the lifestyle plan without falling back on old habits?

To consistently reduce your chronic pain, lose weight, or improve mood, you need to stick with a smart and encouraging daily plan.

Do you wish you had a 'wellness friend' to come alongside you to provide helpful tips and guidance in order to help you feel better every day?

I need a wellness friend to help! Sign me up now!!

Perhaps this sounds like you...

  • You desire a life with less chronic pain.
  • You'd love to know how to stick with a diet and exercise plan when you have a very busy lifestyle.
  • You sometimes feel sad and want to learn how to boost your mood without drugs.
  • Your family is not interested in "dieting" or exercising with you and you need to find a healthy solution for everyone.
  • You are confused by conflicting information on diet, nutrition, and wellness and have no idea who to trust.
  • You are interested in losing weight for your health and want to learn simple ways to be active that will fit within your busy lifestyle.
  • You would like to feed your family food with less chemicals but cannot afford to eat organic 100% of the time and want to grow a few vegetables both inside or outside in the garden.
  • Most of all, you truly want to find a way to feel better every day and wish you had a friend to guide you towards your goals.
This does sound like me! I want help today!


It is so nice to meet you!!

Hi! I'm Shawna Coronado.

  • You might know me from my anti-inflammatory cookbooks or organic gardening books. Or perhaps you have seen my blog, watched my online videos, or spotted my television appearances on PBS, QVC, or any number of other stations.

  • I've built a successful career as an anti-inflammatory wellness lifestyle advocate, author, and coach helping people make a difference in their lives via healthy life choices.

  • Why am I focused on an anti-inflammatory lifestyle?

  • In 2015 I was diagnosed with Severe Degenerative Osteoarthritis of the spine and could barely walk. I had lots of health problems at that time including high blood pressure, asthma and allergies, and more. With the help of my nutritionists and medical experts, I began a smart food plan and adopted a new daily routine. Today I have 80% less chronic pain, no blood pressure issues, and my life has been totally changed for the better. All because I live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that includes smart food choices and therapeutic exercise and gardening.

  • When I realized HOW GOOD I FELT EVERY DAY after changing my food and activity plans and how much of an improvement it was to my old life, I began researching and writing books, creating video, and speaking on stages around the world focused on the topics of how to successfully begin and stick with a healthier anti-inflammatory lifestyle. 
Shawna, I need your help! ★ Help me discover my own anti-inflammatory lifestyle!

What if you had a place...

★ Where you could get your specific questions on healthy food, therapeutic gardening, and anti-inflammatory wellness answered.

★ Where you can learn ALL THE 411 on successfully sticking with a long-term wellness plan so you can find success. 

★ Have a knowledgeable friend to help guide you on how to reduce chronic pain, lose weight, and stay active.

★ Where you have a fun and supportive community to learn from and encourage you in your journey.

★ Where you can explore the countless possibilities within yourself for positive physical and emotional growth and well-being.

I want to know more! Sign me up now!

There is a way to reduce chronic pain, lose weight, and find your health
enabling you to stick with your wellness plan long term.

The Wellness Garden Good Health Club!

This is my membership program where I provide exclusive monthly content to help you along your personal wellness journey.

Whether you are just beginning your journey, or need a friend to help shore up the plan you already have - my membership club is a FUN and EASY way to learn more about living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Members learn and put into practice what they learn each month, comforting one another with kindness, and championing individual victories.

I need to know more! Where do I sign up?!
Join Now for the EARLY BIRD RATE of $8.00/month


This is a monthly membership - you can cancel anytime

How Does It Work?

  • Coaching and Community:

Within our exclusive Facebook group, you'll get direct access to me with group coaching and Q&A sessions. Of course there will be regularly posted videos, recipes, and content to guide you towards your success in finding wellness.  You will also enjoy the community and support of fellow members as we have weekly check-ins, encouragement, and information exclusive to The Wellness Garden Good Health Club.

  • Monthly Team Learning:

Each month, we will have new fun themed learning goals that you can choose to join. For example, a goal might be to learn how to grow microgreens in January, to learn how to prepare dairy-free side-dishes in February, or to learn how to start an outdoor exercise program in March. Having something new and varied to look forward to EVERY MONTH is a great way to help you stay interested and on your wellness path.

  • Recurring Monthly Subscription:

The resources of The Wellness Garden Good Health Club are available for current members. This is a monthly subscription membership - you will be automatically charged the EARLY BIRD RATE of $8.00 every month. Credit card information is safely stored and processed through a separate encrypted service (I never see your credit card information). You have the ability to cancel your membership at any time.

I want to sign up today!!!

Here is what you get when you join The Wellness Garden Good Health Club:



Live Group Coaching


  • Our monthly group coaching session takes place on our exclusive Facebook page on the first Sunday evening of every month

  • This is when you will learn about my monthly learning goal and challenge

  • I will answer specific questions to help you achieve your goals

  • Monthly Q & A Chat


 Monthly Team Challenge Topic


  • During our monthly group coaching session I will announce a monthly learning goal and challenge

  • Each challenge will actually be a themed focus for the month where we can learn and explore a set topic together (examples might be; growing microgreens, chronic pain reduction tips, anti-inflammatory recipes, etc.)

  • This is a great project together that you can commit to try - or not - and will help bring all the members of The Wellness Garden Good Health Club together for conversation, learning, and guidance throughout the month

 Weekly Accountability Check-In


  • One of the most difficult things about keeping on a consistent wellness plan is having accountability to stick with it - the weekly check-in really addresses and encourages all of us to stay the course 

  • Check-in's will be within our exclusive Facebook group and they consist of special days every week where I will check in with the group to personally make sure that you are not alone in your journey to find your health.

  • Along with weekly check-ins, I will also post tips, recipes, videos, and LIVE experiences with guests


Exclusive Facebook Group


  • A members-only area where the monthly live group coaching session and Q & A chat happens

  • The place where accountability check-ins, tips, recipes, videos, and more take place

  • Where members of the health club will enjoy a community of new friends who are taking their own health journey along with you
What an amazing deal! Sign me up now!!!

The Wellness Garden Health Club
is a recurring monthly subscription

You may cancel the membership at anytime.


You will receive exclusive monthly content...

...and access to me and other people just like you who need friends and support. All this is designed to help you find success in your anti-inflammatory wellness journey.


I am here to be your 'friend in wellness'. My goal is to help you explore flavors and cooking, organic living and gardening, meal planning and exercise -- all shored up with a motivational plan to keep you on your path.

Once you join, all the resources of the membership are yours to enjoy.

I'd love to help you explore a healthier future with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.  

Join Now for the EARLY BIRD RATE of $8.00/month